Why Does Bane Hold His Collar When He Walks?

Why does Bane hold his collar when he walks? He was a strong villain who was powerful and strong. He always Wore A Mask on his face. His attire the coat was enough to express his role as a villain. However, it is also a great way to use your body language to show your negative image. Why does Bane hold his collar when he walks?

Curiosity, Confidence And Fearlessness In His Character As The Villain

Whenever he entered the room, he used to hold his collar with his hands and make a strong presence. These gestures of him showed his confidence and fearlessness. With this body posture viewers were able to identify him as the villain of the movie (The dark knight rises). They also developed an amount of curiosity and interest in his character as the villain of the movie. You could also say that this gesture with his hands could be his unconscious move to protect his mask. He never wanted to show his face. Whenever batman tried to pull of his mask, he always used to fight back.

The Bane’s Coat In The Movie The Dark Knight Rises?

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