The Dark Knight was the final chapter of the Dark knight series. Fans had higher expectations from the movie. They wanted it to give them a memorable ending to the decade old batman story. The Dark knight had set high standards for them to expect a lot from the trilogy. The exceptional performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker also created a lot of hype. He played the character with great intensity. Some people say that Health Ledger had a great impact on his personal life of his character he played in the Dark Knight as the Joker. He committed suicide after taking heavy dose.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Joker was an amazing psychopath in the movie. The next hero had to be stronger and better. The creators of the movie decided to introduce Bane. They had to make him a strong threat to Batman. They even used special effects in the movie to make the character of Bane even more interesting. Did they use CGI on Bane in the dark knight rises? Yes, they used it for some scenes.

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