In his comic version, Bane is quite huge and big. He is bigger than Batman. However, if you watch the movie the Dark knight rises, you wonder Why is Bane so small in the dark knight rises? Fans of the batman comics thought that Bane might get bigger as the story goes along. But this does not happen. Bane stays the same size. They expected him to be bigger than Batman. For the entire movie, fans were expecting him to transform into a giant villain. But he did not change his size.

When asked about Why is Bane so small in the dark knight rise?

From the makers of the movie, they said that they did not want the character to look fake. To make it more real-like they did not even use much of CGI. They could do that and make the villain bane look huge and big. But it would have made him look awful on the screen. It was going to be quite awkward.

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