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Where Could I Buy The Coat That Bane Wears At?

Where Could I Buy The Coat That Bane Wears At The End Of Dark Knight Rises? Bane shearling coat is quite unique and stylish. It gives him a rugged and tough look. It was designed by Lindy hemming, who is an Oscar Winning designer. The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012, still, it is […]

Why Is Bane Evil – The Dark Knight Rises?

Bane Was Here To Destroy Gotham City – He did not want to kill Batman! He had an aim in mind. He wanted to create chaos in the city and tear it apart. Bane wanted power and strength. He was not after Batman. He just did not want Gotham city to see him as a […]

Where Could I Buy The Coat That Bane Wears At?

So Are You Searching On The Internet Where Could I Buy The Coat That Bane Wears At? Your search is over. You can buy this stylish leather coat from the distressed leather coat. They are a reliable and dependable leather jackets manufacturing company. They give you different options for a Bane Coat. You can choose […]

Who Was Better? Bane Or The Joker?

You Must Be Wondering Who Was Better Super Villain? Bane Or The Joker? Nobody can compete with the superhero Batman (Christian Bale) but you must be wondering who was better? Bane or the Joker? The Joker (Heath Ledger) was a spontaneous psychopath while Bane (Tom Hardy) was an exceptional villain. He was the only villain […]

Why Is Bane So Small In The Dark Knight Rises?

In his comic version, Bane is quite huge and big. He is bigger than Batman. However, if you watch the movie the Dark knight rises, you wonder Why is Bane so small in the dark knight rises? Fans of the batman comics thought that Bane might get bigger as the story goes along. But this […]

Did They Use CGI On Bane In The Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight was the final chapter of the Dark knight series. Fans had higher expectations from the movie. They wanted it to give them a memorable ending to the decade old batman story. The Dark knight had set high standards for them to expect a lot from the trilogy. The exceptional performance of Heath […]